Smoking Dangers & How to Start Quitting Immediately

Some people think that when they put a cigarette in their mouth, light it up, inhale it, they will be fine and nothing else matters, but it actually matters a lot. Maybe you can feel that after you hear yourself coughing and getting a little bit tired? It’s not just about coughing or having instantaneous tiredness, it also has more side effects to worry about later on. Let me tell you in this article more about what smoking could bring to your life and I’ll let you decide if that momentary pleasure is worth risking with these things or not.

Reason to Stop Smoking – Dangerous Health Effects of Smoking That Many Don’t Know About

Let’s begin counting the number of diseases threatening your life when you insist on smoking…One of the most common thing is early aging, and I’m quite sure you know some people who had early-aging because of smoking. From there we just move on to all kinds of cancers that smoker can probably catch, specifically mentioning lung cancer as it’s one of the most common ones for smokers. Also some people might have some heart problems, strokes, age-related blindness & peptic ulcer disease, but this is not the end yet…New studies found out that some people might have type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, women are more exposed to these dangers than men.

Reason to Stop Smoking - Dangerous Health Effects of Smokin

Fortunately, if you want to end this, and want to keep your life from these diseases chasing you, after 24 hours of quitting smoking your body will try to convert to its original state, normalizing your pulse & blood pressure and pumping more oxygen to your heart. Soon enough the threats that you’ll live a shorter life and have early aging are all gone; if you succeeded to give up smoking for a whole year all the risks will be cut down by half and if you want to live your normal age as if you never smoked, you should quit smoking for 15 years.

Smoking Kills – Why?

Talking about cancers, for example if you quit smoking for 5 years the risk of dying for an average smoker is cut down by half. If you want it to be as if you never smoked, you should quit smoking for 10 years.

As you can see, a year can change something on the long term, buy your life and sell the diseases, stop smoking, because it’s pretty clear that if you want to be healed totally from smoking, it might take a long time.

You can also try some fruits and vegetables… these antioxidants work as catalyst to the process of getting healed, it repairs your damaged cells and wear away free radicals that causes cancer. Even if you haven’t decided to give up smoking, eating antioxidants and drinking water & milk are a good point to start with because they spoil the cigarettes taste, which eases the mission of quitting smoking.

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